Tools & Applications

Here you can find a list of various applications I've put together that you can download or use:

Have been making things when I needed someting I couldn't find elsewhere:


Wave Generator (965 KB)
Snake (1,45 MB)
Tic Tac Toe (621 KB)
Spaceflight Game (24,0 MB)


Create AD Users Script (5 KB)


Link Creation Tool (1 KB)

On Site

Egg Kalkulator
Print Layout custom printing interface that I needed for more flexibility when printing labels and other things

Fractal Generator javascript mandelbrot set visualization I did for fun, was not able to remove the lines on the inside, too difficult for me

Caravan Game
Density Calculator calculate how large a cube of a spesified density would be

Center Window find the X and Y coordinates of a window centered on screen

Click Counter
Create Table for small labels